I Am Nicole

Three years ago, I was a homeless drug addict on the verge of losing the most precious thing to me — my daughter. Every morning, I woke up & I absolutely despised the person that was looking back at me in the mirror. That pale face, those red and lifeless eyes that didn’t give a damn about anything or anyone anymore, those collarbones that poked out from underneath skin that hadn’t been washed in days. The poison I was injecting into my body blinded my sight of what was really important. I was broken, like a million little tiny puzzle pieces; one by one, I had to put myself back together again.

I decided to start this blog because I wanted it to be healing for me & for everyone else that is able to read it. I crave closure in a lot of the things that happened in my past. I’ve done horrible, unimaginable things to the people that I love. I am hoping that writing this blog on a daily basis brings me that closure. I also yearn to give hope to everyone that reads this.

So welcome to my life. Welcome to my daily thoughts, passions, & contemplations.