Find Your Strength

My heart is well worn and well oiled, soaked in years of suffering, trauma & struggle. It has become overgrown; my love, passions & cravings spreading throughout my chest like 100 year old vines on an old Victorian mansion. It’s a forest of truth dying to get out, branches reaching up through my throat and pulling at my lips, begging me to say something that helps people.

But there are times, though, where fear burns like wildfires inside of my stomach. It wells up inside of my machine heart and stops the words from coming. It stops me, sometimes, from speaking the truth that people around me need to hear. And I know they need to hear it, because I was there at one point, inside a darkness that was seemingly never ending. But I can’t let the aching fear inside of me stop me from helping those that need it.

So I have found a strength. It has been etched deep inside of me for years, an unknown strength that I never imagined I could have. I summoned it up out of me like demons at an exorcism. And the best part about all of this is that you have this same strength inside of you, too. 

Who knew that our hearts, as intricately as they were made, could hold such deep feelings, deep purpose, and unimaginable hope? There are places inside of your soul that are just waiting to be discovered, strengths and possibilities that are dying to be unleashed. So what are you waiting for?

Unleash them.


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